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Ever wonder about these patches?

Centennial Quality Awards Program

"To Improve the QUALITY of program in every Unit in America!"

Improve and increase adult leader training

Improve youth recruitment and retention

Improve parent participation

Improve youth advancement

Improve outdoor program participation

Improve annual program planning

The Centennial Quality Awards program is designed to recognize units, districts, councils, areas, and regions in achieving excellence in providing a quality program to a growing youth population in America at all levels of the Boy Scouts of America.

Every Scout deserves a trained leader!

Every adult deserves to be trained!

Training is very important to our Pack.  We encourage all of our leaders to take their training as soon as they can in order to help them provide a quality program for the boys.

You will notice that several of our leaders are wearing a "Trained" patch on their shoulder.  This signifies that they have taken the time to attend the following training:

Youth Protection Training

Fast Start Training

This is Scouting

Cub Scout Leader Specific Training


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